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Master Belne says if I bring him a shattered Tuatha weapon from a Tuatha Overlord, he will be able to forge me a special weapon that will help me bring down his captor, the Witchknight Anira.  If I take out the nearby Tuatha Overlord guards, I should be able to find this on one of their bodies.


Master Belne is one of three connected quests given by Tuatha Master Makers, held prisoner in Cann-Rane by the Witch Knight Anira.  The other two are Master Farraglen and Master Kiftal.

Master Belne and Master Farraglen's side quests must be finished before Master Kiftal's can be started.



  • Confirmed glitch: sometimes no dialogue is available. This usually happens if the Fateless One kills the two Tuatha Overlords before speaking Belne for the first time. Hence, to avoid the glitch the Fateless One must overcome the Tuatha Overlords and do not fight them untill approaching Master Belne.
  • Simply enter Cann-Rane from the southern entrance right by the fast travel point and you will meet Master Belne before encountering the Tuatha Overlords.