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Master Farraglen has told me that he will spare my life so that I can aid him in taking out the Witchknight Anira, whom he no longer wishes to be beholden to.  To do this, he says I will need a rare gem only he can make.  Farraglen has requested that I bring him three refined prismere shards to create this gem.


Master Farraglen is one of three connected quests given by Tuatha Master Makers, held prisoner in Cann-Rane by the Witch Knight Anira.  The other two are Master Belne and Master Kiftal.

Master Belne and Master Farraglen's side quests must be finished before Master Kiftal's can be started.


  • Talk to Master Farraglen, upstairs from Master Belne.  He will ask you to fetch three(3) raw prismere shards, so that he can make a gem that will damage Witch Knight Anira.
  • The shards can be found in chests marked on the map.  You can exit out the door to the south-west and return via the door to the south-east.
  • Once the Fateless One has gathered them all, return to Farraglen to end the quest (Farraglen's Gem, but no XP nor Gold).