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This exceptional wine must be hundreds of years old.


This is a quest item required during Mixing Business.



  • There is 1 bottle of Maybryn Wine in the stockroom of the customs house and it can be looted without being marked as stolen.
  • There are 3 bottles in House Anwon that can be stolen.
  • 4 Bottles of Maybryn Wine can be looted from House of Wyvyrn-Girfe in Rathir - Upper City. The wine is located in an Armoire in the north wing of the House. (Follow the hallway on your right as you come in the door). Note that Maiwen Wyvyrn-Gifre may be sitting on a chair reading a book near the Armoire; however, it's possible to simply sneak in front of the Armoire and wait for her to lose sight of you.
  • There are an additional 2 bottles in one of the guest rooms in House of Wyvyrn-Girfe. There are no NPCs in the room and therefore the player will not be caught stealing the items.
  • 3 bottles can be found across two chests in Dolve Arne.
  • 1 bottle can be found in a chest on the Scholia Arcana Grounds, Library, behind a secret door.