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A location within the town of Whitestone containing the Confession of Mayor Taklari and a few other loot worthy items. The Fateless One will need usually find a Prismere Lockpick inside the same chest as the confession is found.


Located via an aerial walkway above Whitestone, accessed by going through the Mayor's House and then the Mayor's Villa. The doors to access both the Mayor's Villa and this location are both Very Hard difficulty.


Several things of note can be found in this building:


The following items found here can be looted. If not otherwise noted, looting from them is not considered Stealing:

  • Locked Chest (Easy) x 1
  • (Stealing) Bookshelf x 2
  • (Stealing) Desk x 1


There's a Key to Mayor Villa which can be found in  Motus Mining Headquarters.