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Meathgra's Den is small with few side chambers. She and a slew of Pestilent Brownies occupy the initial chamber and it is likely that she will be dead before you realize the quest is complete.

Related Quests[]




  • Warded Fae Chest (Easy) x 1
  • Cydan's Cache (hidden treasure) x 1
  • Hollow Log (hidden treasure) x 1
  • Corpse x 4



  • Cydan's cache is a pile of rocks. While I have previously looted this, it seems more likely to be inactivate. Not sure if this is a reward for one of Cydan's quests.
  • Cydan's Cache is not mentioned during any quest throughout the game, even if it remains untouched. It appears the cache may have originally been part of something that was cut from the final release. It, along with Cydan's Totem can be safely looted at any time.
  • After looting, the pile of rocks can still become highlighted, with a prompt to open it appearing. However, it can no longer be interacted with.