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Long ago, the Alfar lords of Kandrian ruled the eastern reaches of Erathell with an iron fist, protecting the land from beasts and bandits while upholding the laws of Rathir. In recent years, the current lord of Kandrian has pulled inward, using the security of the keep and the town of Mel Aglir to shelter his forces. This defensive posture has left Tywili, Acatha, and Kandrian itself open to attack by the Tuatha, and much of the land remains at the mercy of the fierce Tuatha raiders.


Mel Aglir is on a hill surrounded by palisades, with the jail in a cave to the west. There is an outdoor forge next to the Raven inn.


The following NPCs can be found here:


Several things of note can be found in this settlement:


The following services are available here:


The following items found here can be looted, unless otherwise noted, looting from them is not considered Stealing:

  • Blacksmithing Supplies (Stealing) x 1
  • Hidden Well Cache (Hidden Treasure) x 1


The following reagents can be harvested here:


The following lorestones can be found here:

  • Kandrian Stone x 1


Citizen Quotes[]

Durant Alaghus runs the general store. Kind of a strange fellow.
A shame what happened to the Reeds. Had the prettiest little girl...
No one's entered the Reed House since they found them...
The Raven's the best inn this side of Rathir.
Take care at night. Strange things have been happening in Mel Aglir of late.
Mel Aglir used to be the best place to live in all of Kandrian. Now though...
Those damn Tuatha have ravaged Kandrian. A pox on them!

After completing the quest The Lord Kandrian:

First the disappearances and now old Kandrian passed away. This land must be cursed.
It sounds like the Guard will finally start attacking the Tuatha. But what will happen to the village?
The guards seem a might testy of late.
Sad about Lord Kandrian. But I think Erion will be a just lord.