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Might is one of the three ability trees in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the other ones being Finesse and Sorcery.

In terms of weapons, Might governs the longsword, the hammer, and the greatsword. New moves for these weapons can be unlocked with the Brutal Weaponry abilities, and their damage can be increased with the respective weapon masteries.

The Might tree has a diverse selection of of abilities that enhance melee prowess, both defensive and offensive.

Might ability tree (Info)
Points required Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6 Column 7
Tier 6
70 Might
Ab-Celerity.png Celerity (3/4) Ab-act-Wrath.png Wrath (6/8) Ab-Terror.png Terror (6/8)
Tier 5
50 Might
Ab-pas-BrutalWeaponry.png Brutal Weaponry IV (3) Ab-Stoneskin.png Stoneskin (5/7) Ab-Bloodlust.png Bloodlust (5/7) Ab-act-WarCry.png War Cry (6/8)
Tier 4
35 Might
Ab-pas-BrutalWeaponry.png Brutal Weaponry III (3) Ab-pas-Bulwark.png Bulwark (5/7) Ab-act-BattleFrenzy.png Battle Frenzy (5/7) Ab-Vengeance.png Vengeance (6/8)
Tier 3
20 Might
Ab-pas-ConcussiveForce.png Concussive Force (5/7) Ab-Aftershock.png Aftershock (5/7) Ab-pas-RelentlessAssault.png Relentless Assault (6/8) Ab-Powerstrike.png Power Strike (5/7)
Tier 2
5 Might
Ab-pas-BrutalWeaponry.png Brutal Weaponry II (3) Ab-pas-GreatswordMastery.png Greatsword Mastery (6/8) Ab-act-Quake.png Quake (5/7) Ab-pas-AdrenalineSurge.png Adrenaline Surge (5/7) Ab-HardyConstitution.png Hardy Constitution (6/8)
Tier 1
0 Might
Ab-pas-BrutalWeaponry.png Brutal Weaponry I (3) Ab-pas-LongswordMastery.png Longsword Mastery (6/8) Ab-pas-HammerMastery.png Hammer Mastery (6/8) Ab-act-Harpoon.png Harpoon (4/5) Ab-pas-SkillfulDefense.png Skillful Defense (5/7)

Overcap[edit | edit source]

It is worth noting that almost all abilities' levels can be increased beyond their normal capacity by 1 or 2 levels through the use of equipment which bear "+1/2 to Might Abilities" bonuses and certain Twists of Fate cards to further enhance their states. For an easier time identifing such bonuses, check out Ability Bonuses.

Column 1[edit | edit source]

Ab-pas-BrutalWeaponry.png Brutal Weaponry I[edit | edit source]

[Weapon Attacks] 3 Levels

Unlocks Charge special attacks for the Longsword, Greatsword, and Hammer.

  • Longsword: Comet Strike - Hold and release the Longsword attack to dash into and slash your foes.
  • Greatsword: Whirlwind - Hold and release the Greatsword attack to unleash a flurry of attacks.
  • Hammer: Minotaur Rush - Hold and release the Hammer attack to rush down enemies.

Ab-pas-BrutalWeaponry.png Brutal Weaponry II[edit | edit source]

[Weapon Attacks] 3 Levels

Unlocks special attacks from Block for the Longsword, Greatsword, and Hammer.

  • Longsword: Phantom Edge - Attack with the Longsword while blocking to duck under enemy attacks followed by a strong slash.
  • Greatsword: Guillotine - Attack with the Greatsword while blocking to perform two heavy slams.
  • Hammer: Spine Bender - Attack with the Hammer while blocking to perform a devastating kick, hook, and smash.

Ab-pas-BrutalWeaponry.png Brutal Weaponry III[edit | edit source]

[Weapon Attacks] 3 Levels

Unlocks special attacks from Dodge for the Longsword and Greatsword.

  • Longsword: Horizon Edge - attack with the Longsword while dodging to slice across multiple enemies.
  • Greatsword: Gravedigger - Attack with the Greatsword while dodging to perform a leaping ground strike.

Ab-pas-BrutalWeaponry.png Brutal Weaponry IV[edit | edit source]

[Weapon Attacks] 3 Levels

Unlocks special attacks from Parry for the Longsword, Greatsword, and Hammer.

  • Longsword: Riposte - After a timed Parry, attack with the Longsword to perform a stylish combo.
  • Greatsword: Gut Thrust - After a timed Parry, attack with the Greatsword to impale and launch your enemy.
  • Hammer: Crushing Blow - After a timed Parry, attack with the Hammer to lift and smash your enemy.

Column 2[edit | edit source]

Ab-pas-LongswordMastery.png Longsword Mastery[edit | edit source]

[Passive] 6 Levels

A combination of perfect form and raw strength lend additional damage to your Longsword attacks. 

Ab-pas-GreatswordMastery.png Greatsword Mastery[edit | edit source]

[Passive] 6 Levels

Your brute strength enables you to wield the Greatsword with spectacular results. 

Ab-pas-ConcussiveForce.png Concussive Force[edit | edit source]

[Passive] 5 Levels

Master over the art of blunt trauma grants you increased damage versus Stunned enemies. 

Ab-pas-Bulwark.png Bulwark[edit | edit source]

[Passive] 5 Levels

Your impenetrable defenses often surprise your foes, stunning them as their blows bounce off of you in a fierce melee. 

Column 3[edit | edit source]

Ab-pas-HammerMastery.png Hammer Mastery[edit | edit source]

[Passive] 6 Levels

Raw muscle and a superb sense of balance makes you incredibly effective with the mighty Hammer. 

Ab-act-BattleFrenzy.png Battle Frenzy[edit | edit source]

[Active - Sustained] 5 Levels

Go into a berserker rage, dealing greater and greater amounts of damage with each enemy you defeat in a short time. 

Ab-Stoneskin.png Stoneskin[edit | edit source]

[Upgrade] 5 Levels

Your unquenchable rage grants you Physical and Piercing Damage Resistance while Battle Frenzy is active. 

Ab-Celerity.png Celerity[edit | edit source]

[Upgrade] 3 Levels

Unbridled rage propels you to inhuman speed while in Battle Frenzy. 

Column 4[edit | edit source]

Ab-act-Quake.png Quake[edit | edit source]

[Active] 5 Levels

Smash the ground to cause a tremor, damaging enemies in an area. Cast the spell rapidly in succession to chain up to 3 attacks. 

Ab-Aftershock.png Aftershock[edit | edit source]

[Upgrade] 5 Levels

The final hit of your Quake causes lasting tremors which can Stun your foes, and all Quake damage is increased. 

Ab-act-Wrath.png Wrath[edit | edit source]

[Active] 6 Levels

Jump skyward, hurling nearby enemies along with you into the air and slamming them back down. Button mash to increase damage. 

Column 5[edit | edit source]

Ab-act-Harpoon.png Harpoon[edit | edit source]

[Active] 4 Levels

Snag an enemy and pull it back to you. May have the opposite effect with larger enemies. 

Ab-pas-RelentlessAssault.png Relentless Assault[edit | edit source]

[Active] 6 Levels

Grants a short-term resistance to interrupt at the expense of armor, allowing you to shrug off blows while taking slightly more damage. 

Ab-Vengeance.png Vengeance[edit | edit source]

[Upgrade] 6 Levels

Your refined battle techniques allow you to reflect damage back at your opponents whenever Relentless Assault is in effect. 

Ab-Bloodlust.png Bloodlust[edit | edit source]

[Upgrade] 5 Levels

While Relentless Assault is in effect, each of your strikes may grant you a measure of renewed vigor. 

Column 6[edit | edit source]

Ab-pas-AdrenalineSurge.png Adrenaline Surge[edit | edit source]

[Passive] 5 Levels

The threat of immediate death grants you a chance for a surge of health and a short span of greatly increased damage whenever you Health falls below 25%. 

Ab-Powerstrike.png Power Strike[edit | edit source]

[Upgrade] 5 Levels

You achieve new heights of focus while an Adrenaline Surge is in effect, increasing your chance to deal Critical Hits. 

Column 7[edit | edit source]

Ab-pas-SkillfulDefense.png Skillful Defense[edit | edit source]

[Passive] 5 Levels

Your masterful use of shields greatly increases your damage resistance while blocking. At the highest level, you unlock a special Shield Bash move. 

Ab-HardyConstitution.png Hardy Constitution[edit | edit source]

[Passive] 6 Levels

Your durable nature enables you to survive nearly anything, from sword wounds to magic flames. 

Ab-act-WarCry.png War Cry[edit | edit source]

[Active] 6 Levels

Let loose a terrifying cry that intimidates enemies, reducing their Damage output. Can be upgraded to knock down enemies. 

Ab-Terror.png Terror[edit | edit source]

[Upgrade] 6 Levels

Your War Cry gains the ability to reduce enemy Armor, opening foes up for your attacks and sometimes causing them to panic. 

Weapons[edit | edit source]

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