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The miners have gone mad, with some fleeing into the desert.  Apule believes that Calovar, the lone Fae who overlooks the mining village from a cliff to the south, has something to do with it.


  • In order to pick up this quest, you must have completed the quests Bloodbane and Fae at the Mine.
  • Talk to Apule Vire just outside of the Motus Mining Outpost building. He will send you to talk with Calovar about the miners going insane.
  • Calovar will tell you that he lent Edgar Aron an ancient relic and that it is the cause of both the Crudok attack and the miners' insanity.
  • Head down the hill and across the river to enter Aron Excavations Mine. Beware the traps in front of the various reagents.
  • At the end of the mine, you can talk to Edgar Aron. Even if you persuade him to turn over the relic, he will still send his sprites after you.
  • At the end of the fight you can decide to either just take the relic or you can kill him for attacking you. Leave the mine.
  • Travel across The Hollowlands talking to the various miners. Once you have talked to all five of them, fast travel back to Motus Mining Outpost and talk to Apule Vire who will reward you with the key to Aron Excavations Office (PC house) and XP & Gold (both level-based ~370 & 1850 at level 30).
  • Finally return the relic to Calovar who will reward you with XP and Gold (both level-based ~370 and 1100 at level 30).



  • Since the dialogue with Edgar does not start automatically, you can simply sneak around him and pickpocket the relic off him. When he realises it's gone he'll run off, skipping the dialogue completely and without him spawning any sprites.
  • If the Aron Excavations Office and Mine are visited and upgraded before talking to Calovar to finish this quest, you will be unable to complete Aron Excavations (quest).