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  • This quest is begun by speaking to Lina Ardeen in the Thirsty Wench of the village Whitestone in the region of Apotyre.  The first step is unlocking the door to Whitestone Passage inside the Mayor's House. The door may be picked (Very Hard) or the key is found inside a chest on the second floor of the dwelling.
  • Next, proceed to the locked door (Very Hard) leading to the Mayor's Villa. Afterwards, continue to the locked entrance (Very Hard) of the Mayor's Cottge.
    • Alternatively, the key to these doors can be found in a chest in the Motus Mining Headquarters, in a room to the left of the entrance.
    • There is a hidden treasure in the Whitestone Passage, an unlocked chest in the Mayor's Villa (though the contents must be stolen) and one(1) desk, two(2) bookshelves and a (very easy locked) chest in the Mayor's Cottage.
  • The item (Confession of Mayor Taklari) is in the chest opposite the door.  Some background information can be found in the other containers (Letter to Mayor Eswin).
  • Afterwards, Lina Ardeen can be found outside the entrance to the Sun Camp.  The Fateless One can confront her about the contents of the document.  The options are still the same regardless :
    • Demanding gold gives a level-based sum of gold.
    • Handing the document over gets the Fateless One a random infrequent buckler and dagger.
  • In either case the quest ends (level-based XP ~2500 at level 30 and either Gold ~ 5,280 or two(2) pieces of equipment).


  • In Re-Reckoning, the Key to the Mayor's Cottage does not always exist in-game