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This tome describes the beginning of the world according to the Order of Mitharu.


The Word of Mitharu according to St. Odwig

In the beginning, the world was shrouded in darkness. Out of this nothingness, arose Mitharu, who brought forth the firmament and the celestial heavens, and drew the Arcane Veil from the world. Mitharu was Order, and gave unto the world a great and wondrous design. Ages of this perfection passed, but there was still darkness, and out of the random places of darkness left the in the world, Chaos arose. Mitharu called this Telogrus, a foul and ruined thing. The children of Telogrus destroyed the firmament and seared the earth. Again everything was plunged into darkness, but Mitharu hid us from the devastation. Deep within the bosom of the earth, we were nurtured by Mitharu's divine guidance. Even in the darkest corners of the world, we were illuminated by the surety of order. When the proper time came, Mitharu's children themselves led us from this darkness and into the glory of Mitharu's world anew, reborn, and made to grow into perfection.