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This well-worn religious text bears the holy symbol of the order of Mitharu.


The Word of Mitharu according to St. Eadric

And thusly ordered, Mitharu said unto the people, "Behold the way of the world. There are cycles within the Great Cycle, and as I give order and structure to this world, so too, do you; for I have gifted unto you the knowledge of the great pattern of Fate. You shall know of your mortality, and understand what makes the seasons to pass and the fire to burn. I give unto you the ability to create, as I have created, and to understand the mechanisms of your world, as I understand all things. You shall all be as creators of your own world, and therefore, my children, you are all as I am. Remember then, these words as I speak to them through the voice of the three. You are all ordered as such. Embrace and follow the plan."