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  • Speak to Carasta Arawyn, in Rathir - Lower City in the Officer's Hall.
  • Give Gwalchmai the wine.
  • Get Gwalchmai to sign the contract. You should give Galen two bottles of Maybryn Wine and then ask him to sign the contract. With a successful Persuasion check you will make the contract even more profitable for Carasta. If you manage to convince him with persuasion you will receive an additional amount of gold.
    • Giving him one bottle and with persuasion you will only receive +5000 Gold and an additional +3000 Gold if a second bottle is given.
    • Giving him one bottle without persuasion you will only receive +3000 Gold and an additional +2000 Gold if a second bottle is given.
  • Return to Carasta to receive your reward in gold: "With the help of some ancient Maybryn Wine, I struck an especially good deal with the merchant Gwalchmai on Carasta Arawyn's behalf. She has rewarded me lavishly for the feat."


  • XP and Gold, dependant on quest execution and level-based. (One user gave 2 bottles + persuasion to receive 2860 + 1716 gold (6 mercantile at level 14). At LVL 40 you will receive a bonus of 3,036 +5,060 with a successful persuasion.


  • You can increase the amount of gold that Carasta rewards you at the end of the quest by giving Gwalchmai more than 1 bottle of Maybryn Wine and succeeding at a Persuasion Check.
  • You can give Gwalchmai only one bottle of wine. A persuasion option will also appear, but the success chances will be lower and even if you manage you will not receive as much gold as giving him two bottles and the bonus from the persuasion.
    • If you are in need of a higher persuasion skill the trainer Magessa Ohr can be found in the House of Wyvyrn-Girfe. Magessa teaches persuasion from level 0-3.
  • Be careful not to give him three bottles or more because he will start feeling sick and will not be able to sign the contract. Return later after he has recovered.
  • Maybryn Wine can be found as loot in and around Rathir. See Maybryn Wine for more information on locations.


  • Ocassionally it is possible to give the merchant more than the number of bottles of wine which are in your inventory. This will cause duplicates of the same item to appear occupying new inventory slot(s). An example of this can be seen in the image where a user has 3 bottles of the wine in their inventory, each of which consist of 4-5 bottles, and all of cannot be removed (no options available to remove to junk when right clicked).
    • However after the quest is over it is still possible to give the merchant the extra wine to free up your inventory slot.
      Wine bug

      The bug with Maybryn Wine