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Molly Janick, at your service. I teach alchemy. What can be taught, that is. Most of it is a gift. Either you have it, or you don't.


Molly Janick is a basic alchemy trainer who can be found on the second floor of the Blue Bear Tavern within the village of Emaire. She has a sister that wanders around the Cradle of Summer named Lila.


Hello there!
It's about time. Someone new. I was beginning to think I'd turn to dust here at this counter, alone, uninteresting, and not having spoken to another soul in days. Han likes to keep me up here, because down there I fill his ears with talk. Like that's a bad thing. This village is a graveyard sometimes. Talk would do it some good.

upon your first encounter.

It's a big business around here. The magic of the Forsaken Plain has cooked up some mighty strange ingredients, that's for sure. You'll find some pretty weird stuff. My father was an alchemist, and he trained me and my sister Lila to carry on his legacy. Lila hates people, and spends most of her time in the Cradle of Summer, alone.

when asked about Alchemy.

What do you want to know? If you're going to spend time with Lila you might want to prepare yourself beforehand. She's... unique. Lila has spent far too long in the Cradle of Summer with the Fae and their magic. All of that exposure has - how do I put this - altered her perspective. She's strange, all right. There. I said it.

when asked about her sister, Lila Janick.

Han is an idiot. He's the one who's imposed this ban on refugees in the village. To what end? They don't want trouble, only food, water, a warm bed. Idiot.

when asked about the Refugees.

Dull. I hate to say it, but the refugees are the most excitement we've seen here in weeks. You'd think there would be more drama with a war on, but not in Emaire. Here we are between the Cradle of Summer and Rathir, and I spend my days watching the clouds drift by.

when asked about Emaire.

Don't be a stranger.