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This piece of paperwork was left behind by the officials of the Motus Mining Company, the Gnome business concern once based in Apotyre.


Accident Report

It happened last night, before the evening meal and before the briefing by the Scholars Jolienne and Imas. The experimental refinement unit in Snaketail Grotto has suffered a stress fracture in its base. The foundation split, causing a large amount of waste to spill into the underground lake beneath. This lake feeds right into the Snaketail River. I don't believe there is any cause for concern, but I shall keep informed of any developments.


  • Motus Mining (Days 1-24) is an item needed for the quest Whitestone Tarnished.
  • A Whitestone Mercenary stands next to the chest at all times. If you wish to steal the scroll without getting caught and Smoke Bomb is not available, acquire a Minor Phasewalk potion or higher.