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The militia's store of potions been used up and we lost our alchemist nearly a month ago. Now it's up to me to resupply reagents and brew the potions... somehow.


Murdoc Hain is the resident alchemist of Didenhil after the disappearance of Oleander Sinclair. He has been charged with keeping Didenhil's militia stocked with potions to help the fight against the Boggarts.


Murdoc grants the task Gathering Flames, and items for this task can be turned in to him for rewards.


He can be found at the Alchemical Lab in the Crafting Hall in Didenhil.


What? You mean Oleander's gone and got himself killed? Poor sod. More genius than sense, I always said.

when asked about the missing alchemist.

She's the head and the heart of the Craft Hall. Truth is, I don't know where we'd be without her.

when asked about Cora Banick.

Where we crafters work and mostly live. Olin and Cora handle selling the goods.

when asked about the Craft Hall.

Didenhil's warden and war hero. I doubt any could have dealt better with the troubles we've had.

when asked about Kester Barclay.

If you ask me, there's one clear cause of this plague, and it's sitting right across the lake. I mean that Fateweaver.

when asked about the Blood Plague.

Aye, that Luminitsa. If she called all them boggarts upon us, or simply plagued up the well, it wouldn't surprise me none.

when asked about Luminitsa.


"Hain" means "Traitor" in Turkish.