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Myfa Rhonwen was once the youngest envoy of Rathir before the Crystal War, and takes great pride in her diplomatic abilities and greatly enjoyed her job. She was responsible for the negotiations that took place between Rathir and the Tuatha Deohn, speaking directly to Gadflow. When negotiations fell through with Gadflow and the Crystal War started, she blamed herself for the failure.

Myfa never says whether she left her job or was forced out of it, but she eventually found herself on a ship, and that ship wrecked, waking up on Gallows End. During her time at Cape Solace, she's become very close to the gnome Padrig Dower, noting that he's been the nicest person to her and has helped her get through her life at the village. She hates living at Cape Solace and she wishes to once again take up an envoy position and travel the world speaking for whoever hires her. Until then, she smiles and nods along to Alder Malloi's speeches and worship of Akara as well as foraging for whatever food or items she can find for the village.

When the Fateless One meets her, Myfa is eking out a life at the small castaway village, longing to return to her once glorious high life as an envoy, but mostly wanting to leave the village first. She moves to Gravehal Keep once Padrig Dower finishes the last structure of the keep, Gravehal Tower, which Myfa suggests would be the perfect location for an embassy.

She will go on to do diplomatic missions for the Fateless One as the envoy of Gravehal.


First met at Cape Solace resting under one of the tents. She will eventually move to Gravehal Keep once Gravehal Tower is complete.



  • She never states how long she's been on the island, nor does she state that she ever quit or was forced out from her envoy position. It's possible that after the negotiations failed, the ship taking her back to Rathir wrecked.
  • She and Padrig Dower are good friends, she supports him taking and rebuilding Gravehal Keep.