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All's mortal. All live then die as fate decrees. Why not make merry in between?


Myrddin Glas is a fellow Traveler that is roaming around Rathir gates.


The Travelers' life! Nothing finer. Not in Rathir. Not no-where, my friend.

upon your first encounter with him.

Why the way is right there - where the red-gold flags are flying- You'll find find musicians. mesmerizing dancers. Fine lads and lasses, all. None of the mischief you might've heard tell of. Not here!

when asked about Moon Camp.

A fine city, for what it is. A bit dull and proper mind you - and the City Watch don't take kindly to fun of any kind.

when asked about the city of Rathir.

Free of foot and light of heart we are. They might barter, trade, and whisper secrets up in Rathir-town. But it's to Moon Camp they come for dance and laughter and song.

when asked about the Travelers.