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This leather-bound volume has faded from exposure to the sun, and its pages are water-damaged and warped.


IX. The Naming

The island of Gallows End received its commonplace name from its most famous inhabitant: the seafaring marauder and pirate king Dead Kel, who claimed that he would only end his murderous spree when the Alfar Navy discovered the location of his secret lair and hanged him upon its towering cliffs, a testament to their strength. "I will never stop, not in life or death, and this world will burn far beyond my gallows end."

In a symbolic gesture, Dead Kel even proceeded to erect his own gallows on a northern cape overlooking the sea. For several decades, the hangman's noose sat in wait, proof of the pirate's audacity, and his twisted humor. Dead Kel was eventually captured by his pursuers, and his great sloop Stormbringer brought low. Man and ship sunk to the bottom of the Frostbreak, trailed by the blackened corpses of his loyal Hanged Men.

None of the bodies were ever recovered or returned to Rathir for identification. The reward for his capture or execution was never claimed.