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Filled with crude sketches and symbols, this book is partially written in Dvergan.


X. The Dverga and Solsvard Son

It was only a matter of time before Dverga sailors captured the island of Gallows End, drawn by its strong natural defenses, shallow inlet, and the protected reef on the northern coast; and while no one ever admitted it openly, they were also attracted by something deeper, a strange, even supernatural compulsion. To establish a permanent presence on the island, and to insure its long term security, the Dverga burrowed deep into the highlands and coastal cliffs, creating a series of wood and mud tunnels called fastings. This network of passages spans the length of the main island, and throughout smaller islands scattering the shores and sandbars, suggesting that all the passages are connected.

[The] Leader of these industrious [dwarves] was the Dverga Berzerker Angsar Solsvard, son of Ulsten, a lord of the Obsidian Isle. Ulsten Chief perished during the landing on the island, which the Dverga quickly dubbed Varalin, meaning "dangerous" in their native tongue. After the death of his father, Solsvard proceeded to construct a camp upon the southern beaches of the island and begin work on Gravehal Keep, a monstrous dwelling that is not in keeping with any other Dvergan structure. Artifacts left at the site suggest that Solsvard intended to establish a slaving hub, one that could extend the Dverga's reach far into the western Frostbreak Sea.