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I am Mythany Keen, Dokkalfar ambassador of the Summer Court Fae. I'm sorry, this is a difficult position sometimes.


Mythany Keen is an ambassador for the Dokkalfar, sent to the great city of the Summer Court.


Mythany can always be found in Felltown, at the Embassy Hall.



You must be the special messenger Titarion's expecting. Trust me. The rest of us have heard plenty about it. Erawn can't keep his big mouth shut.
Something is about to happen. And it must be stopped. But that is all I can say. This is neither the time, nor the place. If you're interested in hearing my story, meet me in the worship circle after dark, near the gates. I will wait for you there.

when asked if there is something wrong.

They are a council of Fae nobles that advise the High King in matters of politics, not that they even understand what that means. To them, politics is just a game. Well, more of a game than usual. You understand my meaning.

when asked about the Court of Summer.

This is where the Fae hide us to keep us out of sight. I used to take offense, but I got over it. I wouldn't want to live near them. Strange things, the Fae.

when asked about Felltown.

Ysa is fine, and the Fae are tolerable; but many believe they should do more to support the war effort. It's unjust to live in peace while the rest of the world burns.

when asked about the Gardens of Ysa.

I've met with him several times. I'll admit, he radiates a certain presence; but I'm less interested in charisma than I am in leadership.

when asked about High King Titarion.

Not everyone is welcome up there. It's where the Court of Summer nobles spend their time reminding themselves of past glories. I'd avoid it.

when asked about The Trellis.


When you met her at the Shrine Circle:

Good. You've come. I am sorry to make you wait like this, but what I mean to discuss is very sensitive. It involves treachery...
Despite the calm you see around you, the Gardens of Ysa are on the brink of war and the question is which one will it be? There are plans being made to seize this city. The Varani are displeased with the Court of Summer's lack of support for their people, and they wish to overthrow Titarion and force the remaining Fae to fight. We can prevent this, but we must act now. If saving your people isn't enough, we can pay you as a reward.

when asked: What's going on?

The Varani cannot stomach Titarion's neutrality. They believe that his Fae subjects could be convinced to march with us on the battlefield. I believe this, as well, but I would never resort to violence. The Varani wish to turn Ysa into a military camp. We cannot let that happen. It will ruin all our people have achieved here.

when asked about more information.

Of course. It is the right thing to do. The leader of the plot is the Varani ambassador, Kierna Brenner. Every night, the ambassador strolls Memory Walk, alone. She carries a pair of daggers. Take them. Afterwards, dispose of them. Destroy them, salvage them, I don't care. Return to me when it is done.

if you choose the response: I want to help. (accepting the quest).

She is no politician. She is a warlord, and a cruel one. I've heard stories that would make your heart brittle. She was sent here for one reason alone: to bring down Ysa.

when asked about Ambassador Brenner.

The Varani communicate secretly using weapons. They engrave codes into the blades of daggers and swords, and that way they can get them through a typical search. We believe this particular pair of daggers describes the defenses of Ysa. Where it's strong, and where its weak. The Varani are plotting, and they will act.

when asked about the pair of daggers.

Once you have killed Ambassador Brenner:

Let us never speak of this again. I don't know you. I don't like you. And I hope I never see you again. Take this gold and these supplies. Such items are hard to come by in wartime. This is where we part.