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If you must know, my name is Nanne Hanri, formerly the chief alchemist of Allestar. But you wouldn't know what that is, would you?


Nanne Hanri is an alchemist expelled from Allestar Tower for unspecified reasons, who now works in Gorhart. She has been trying to formulate a poison or disease to use against the Tuatha, but fears that it has been stolen by the Red Legion.

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Nanne Hanri is a potion merchant, and sells the following goods:

Consumables (Potions)[]

Potions Cost
Minor Damage Boost x 2 1796
Greater Healing Potion x 1 1313
Minor Alchemist's Art x 2 497
Minor Assassin's Evasion x 2 497
Minor Mana Regen Potion x 12 497
Purification Potion x 6 386
Minor Current Stopper x 6 188
Minor Flameguard x 6 188
Minor Freezing Sentinel x 2 188
Minor Frostguard x 6 188
Minor Healing Potion x 4 188
Minor Health Regen Potion x 12 188
Minor Mana Potion x 24 188
Minor Sorcerer's Intelligence x 4 188
Minor Steeled Curtain x 6 188
Minor Venomguard x 8 188
Minor Warrior's Strength x 4 188

Consumables (Reagents)[]

Reagents Cost
Black Cohosh x 12 40
Cripplespore Caps x 12 40
Embereyes x 12 40
Sativa Fibers x 12 40
Softscrabble Powder x 12 40



I cannot emphasize the importance of what you've done. Until you destroyed those shipments, all of Odarath was living on borrowed time.

when entering conversation after completing the quest Recipe for Trouble.

The villagers believe it's haunted, but I have the feeling that's a ruse devised by the Red Legion they mean to terrorize these people into submission. And it's working.

when asked about Agnur Farhal.

Haven't you seen it, the grim tower to the west? Avoid its shadow, if you can, because what transpires inside Allestar will benefit no one. I would know!

when asked about Allestar.

I have seen many conflicts unfold, but never have I seen one in which the fates of so many are at stake. The Tuatha will not settle for simple victory. They want total domination and will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

when asked about the Crystal War.

For years I dabbled in alchemy, healing, divination, and transmutation. All of that seems frivolous now, what with the war looming over us.

Now I spend my sleepless nights in search of a formula that will end such conflicts forever.

when asked about her experiments.

He seemed so eager to aid me in my work that I failed to pursue the proper references. Yes, I have only myself to blame for this catastrophe.

How was I to know that he was a scout and a thief? His interest in alchemy appeared genuine. Our friendship... was that too an act?

when asked about Karth Hilfred after completing the quest Recipe for Trouble.

If you must know, my name is Nanne Hanri, formerly the chief alchemist Allestar. But you wouldn't know what that is, would you?

When scholars in the tower ordered me to leave the grounds, I took refuge here. The Almain are a private people, keen to keep to themselves. Like me.

when asked about herself.

Bandits, ruthless and well organized. The Red Legion is reaping many rewards by preying on vulnerable Almain settlers traveling east.

Long ago, these villains confined themselves to the coast, but recently they've moved inland to avoid the war. Now they're our problem.

when asked about the Red Legion.

They are undying, the corrupted roots. Their existence is an abomination.

Everything in Amalur exists for a particular reason, except for the Tuatha. They are not meant to be.

when asked about the Tuatha.