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This book recounts your adventures in the Teeth of Naros.



We were explorers from the Faelands, only three in number, but great in our potential... or so I thought. Cach Cranwyn, of the Cranwyn nobility, was our force of magic; Sveri Brond our eyes and ears, and I would protect us from whatever fearsome beasts we encountered. We needed only one more to help with the journey and we could finally be on our way to the fortune that awaited us in the Teeth of Naros.

You may ask "what are the Teeth of Naros?" and to which the only answer can be in this book. In these pages you will find the wonders of that mountain range; an amazing story of giants, gods, and monsters, and a savior who defied Fate. As I write these words I realize they may be mistaken for a work of fancy, however I assure you I relay the tale of these deeds as described to me by the savior her/himself.

We met by the shores of Ettinmere. Sveri and Cach mentioned a stranger might be joining us. I can still remember seeing her/him for the first time. No one would have guessed s/he could change Fate, much less that s/he would soon become a messenger of the gods. S/He entered our camp with little fanfare, and I could tell s/he was formidable, but the quiet sort; [a warrior born and bred. I recognized the reflection of countless battles in her/his stare.]/[a stealthy one. I could see why Sveri wanted her/him to come along.]/[not to be trifled with. Thankfully, s/he was not as prone to boasting of her/his magical prowess as Cach.]

After a few remaining preparations, we entered the Southern Passage.


  • There are 8 books which show the same name "Naros Chronicle" in inventory. They have different titles, though, under which they can be found here.