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This book recounts your adventures in the Teeth of Naros.


The Last Day

Secandra remembered the last day she was with Arkes. She had accompanied him to the Teeth of Naros, to the Shrines of Earth and Air. With the Cipher now useless, only the combined power of the Earth Shrine and Air Shrine could reestablish the connection with Ethene.

Before they could travel there, Secandra felt a pain as Anokatos worked his magic upon the fate of the Kollossae. Worried that something had happened to Idylla, Secandra left Nyxaros in a panic only to find the city intact, but the magic of the Henge undone. Resolved to end the crisis, Secandra and the Beckoned went in search of the Air and Earth Shrines.


  • There are 9 books which show the same name "Naros Chronicle" in inventory. They have different titles, though, under which they can be found here.