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This book recounts your adventures in the Teeth of Naros.


The Wreath of Absolution

So our hero/ine ascended to Idylla, the magnificent city floating above the mountaintops. S/He was taken to the Primos, where, for the first time in many years, the leader of the Kollossae people spoke. His name was Anokatos, and he immediately recognized our hero/ine as Beckoned. He took this as a sign that his penance was over, and the first course of action was to create the Wreath of Absolution.

The wreath required the Beckoned to retrieve the circlet of Arkes, the former Primos, from a crypt below the city. Fetching a circlet from under-sewers does not sound like the work of a hero/ine, and indeed it wasn't meant to be. The circlet was needed immediately, and, as I understand it, the menial nature of the task was part of the point. Humility was needed for the Kollossae to atone for their sins.

After the circlet, the Beckoned travelled with the Primos to the wilds of the Teeth of Naros to hunt the Alpha pteryx. With the circlet and the vanes of the Alpha pteryx the Wreath of Absolution was complete, and Anokatos and the Beckoned would use the Cipher to open the door to the Hyperian, and then cause it to rise and join Idylla in the sky, thus completing the works of Ethene and bringing about the promised glory of the Kollossae.

The Beckoned accompanied Anokatos to the Hyperian complex. Secandra was summoned there as well, and once the ceremony to open the way to the Hyperian was complete, both of them were betrayed by Anokatos. They were able to escape, but only to find the city in peril and the promise of disaster rumbling throughout the land. Desperate, Secandra sugessted they search Nyxaros, the private retreat of Anokatos amidst the Teeth of Naros. It was there that they uncovered the truth.


There are 8 books which show the same name "Naros Chronicle" in inventory. They have different titles, though, under which they can be found here.