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This official survey prepared by the Alfar Navy details an intended target. In this case, the quarry is the pirate Dead Kel.


Quarry: Dead Kel

In the waning years of the Middle Kingdoms era, the ruthless and cunning Dead Kel sailed the frigid Frostbreak Sea under the flag of the bloody Hanged Man. In the rare, and often graphic, accounts that describe this person, Dead Kel cut a most terrifying figure, clothed in a shipman's black attire and donning a gruesome skull mask. Reports suggest that this headpiece was taken from the remains of one of Dead Kel's victims; but this highly dubious claim has never been substantiated, although its dramatic, even poetic, manner does fit with the pirate's known behavior.

Alfar Naval logs allege that the pirate king Dead Kel was tracked to his island hideout of Gallows End and executed at the hands of a Captain Kent, commander of the ship Gulf Stream. No corpse was ever recovered. No death report was ever filed.

Recently Dead Kel has come back to haunt the outside world, plundering vessels associated with our efforts in the Crystal War. Many do not believe this is the same Dead Kel as the one in the old tales. It is my belief that they are wrong. A dark magic is at work.

Like all great captains, Dead Kel possesses a certain charisma. Some call it charm. Some call it danger. Whatever the name, Dead Kel is a superb leader who inspires great devotion in his followers. The men in his crew would gladly follow him to the ends of the earth and beyond if so ordered. A skilled swordsman, Dead Kel does not shirk from battle, and charges into the fray, knowing that his mere presence will send many of the enemy running for their lives. Of all Dead Kel's weapons, his most potent was fear. His name is one that has transcended the limitations of time and place, and now perhaps even mortality.

We'd best be careful of this one.

-Commodore Garrick