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Nerotelos was built by the masons of Clan Rotelos to protect their treasures before they died. This was originally intended to be raised to be part of Idylla, but this was not done, possibly because after the death of the Rotelos masons their traps kept any other Kollossae from accessing the complex. As the Fateless One explores the ruins they will come across notes left behind of the Explorer's Journal that tells of her attempts to unlock the treasure at the center of the ruins.


Nerotelos is the ruins that was built by the Rotelos Masons. Upon entry three lights extinguish and seal off a table at the center of the ruins. As the Fateless One explores the ruins they will come across notes left behind of the Explorer's Journal that tells of her attempts to unlock the treasure at the center of the ruins.


Tip: I found this out by accident. If you are a Sorcerer and have developed your character to where he has Blink instead of regular evasion, when you first enter Nerotelos you can Blink down the first few steps as you start down to where the cage normally surrounds the treasures and the cage will not trigger. CAUTION: If you continue to attempt the three challenges saving before you exit can cause the game to crash if you have to reload it. It's best to exit Nerotelos and save then return if you want to try the challenges.

  • If you have completed the Will and Waters quest, you should refill the Amphora you received from Hermokrates, as there's Wild Evenroot here. There are two of Evenroot in Nerotelos (see gallery below).
  • Begin with the "violet wing" (west) to do it in the same order as the adventurer who came here before (and find her notes subsequently), proceed with the "yellow/golden wing" and finish with the "emerald wing".
  • The Litany Quest scroll is in the West Wing. Proceed through the purple door and you will be confronted by 3 Pteryx. Head south to a dead end. After looting the chest, the litany scroll sits nearby. A silverback Troll appears behind you upon taking the scroll/chest.
  • To solve the lever puzzle in the purple wing, you have to push the levers in the following order (counting from left to right): 1-4-5-2-3. These open the series of doors blocking your forward progress which can be seen in the background when facing the levers. Once you have input the correct sequence, follow the available pathway which will lead eventually into a large square platform room with a large rock in its center. A Silverback Troll will appear. Once he is defeated, continue East to the exit of this wing. Purple torches will light as you pass and upon the opening of the door, you will see the purple colored shield covering the treasure lift away. Jump down into the water and proceed into the north wing.
  • In the North Wing (the yellowish door), your goal is simply to walk the path to the exit of the wing. This room of stairs loops back on itself. Make your way to the highest platform and use the southern jump jumping down to a floor which has an obelisk type structure just in view to the left. Once you are down and next to that structure, take the southernmost jump of the 5 choices on that level. This will then lead you directly to the exit. Open the door and the second shield will rise from the treasure.
  • The final wing, the East door off the main room or "green/ emerald" door, you will be challenged to avoid swinging blades from the ground and air in tight, fenced in pathways. There will be two groupings like this, then you will come to a bunched area of trip wires surrounding an explorer's body. The arrow launchers that attack when the wires are tripped are easy to sidle up to and if you can, you should disable them before the trip wires as the placement of the wires makes it difficult to highlight them for disarming. Following the path, you come to a small maze with traps and rats in tight quarters. Then a large room in which a Silverback Troll and a horde of giant rats swarm you. After defeating your enemies, follow the only exit and you will see the final shield rise from the treasure. Make the jump down and claim your loot.


The treasure once unlocked consists of


Several things of note lie within this cave:



The following items found here can be looted:

  • Chest x 7
  • Locked Chest (Hard) x 1
  • Warded Chest (Average) x 4
  • Warded Chest (Hard) x 1
  • Kolossae Corpse x 1
  • Pile x 4
  • Whirlpool x 6
  • Traps x 26 - need 4+/8+ skill points in Detect Hidden to disarm/dismantle


The following reagents can be harvested here:


  • Nerotelos derives from the Greek words "nero", which means water and "telos", which means "the end". Together they mean "water shortage" or "the end of water".
  • Doesn't seem to matter which color you start with. 06/30/24 on PS5. I just completed this mission. I started with green, then purple finishing with yellow. Be sure to not have a lot of save files as it causes more glitches.