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"I was raised to know weapons before anything else. You won't meet many women who could fashion arrow fletchings before they could speak."

Nettie Grildas


Nettie Grildas is the blacksmith at The Corner Shop in the town of Gorhart.

Presumably, she crafts the weapons and armor that Rikka Egest sells.


The Fateless One can repair his/her armor with Nettie.

She had plans to become a soldier in the war, but after witnessing a cart full of the fallen from the fortress of Mel Senshir, her intentions dwindled.


  • "Are you here for a weapon? Going to earn a lord's favor in this ridiculous war, are you?"
  • "I intended to pledge my sword to the Alfar, to fight the blasted Tuatha. Had my helmet freshly polished, my sword sharpened to a deadly edge. Then I saw the carts headed west. They carried the corpses of the fallen, some all the way from Mel Senshir. After that, my fire to fight went out. Forever".
  • "We here in Gorhart are far from the front, and deliberately so. Our hearts may be with the Alfar, but our bodies stay here, safe on the other side of Dalentarth. We've seen our fair share of dead. The truth is, we have as many cemeteries as we do settlements."
  • "Troublesome creatures, the Alfar. No doubt this war is a result of their meddling in the affairs of others".
  • "Look around you. These are no more words. This is the heart of the Faelands. Once you enter the forest, you won't emerge again until you reach the plains".
  • "The Fae are one with this land that no mortal race could ever be. They are true creatures of magic. Leave the village, walk fifty paces, and you will find a Fae. Pray it's a friendly one".

Personality and Traits[]

Nettie learned her way with swords and arrows at a very young age. She seems to enjoy making weapons and armor, but not so much using them herself.

She is not ashamed to admit preferring that others wage war with the Tuatha, while she is far away from it. Although Nettie considers the Alfar allies, she doesn't have them on high regard, considering them as "troublesome creatures".