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  • Talk to Niahm Kent who wanders around Tala-Rane. He will ask you to kill three kobolds:
    1. Rotclaw: in a little cul-de-sac in the south
    2. King Fang: on the road leading into Kandrian
    3. Blackshriek: just across the river from Helmgard Keep
  • Return to Niahm and he will send you against Smiler, a crudok near Corgan Hold that you will find down toward the river under the waterfall
  • Next up is Kolmir, an ettin war-priest located west of where you killed Rotclaw
  • Now go kill Malgar, a jottun chieftain south of the road into The Wolds.
  • Return one last time to Niahm Kent for your reward (level-dependant XP and Gold)


Bacon and eggs and toast



Xbox: Kolmir can glitch through the ground and become unreachable. Have not found a solution yet, that allows you to progress past this point if it happens. Recommend loading an earlier save as soon as you encounter the bug.

PC: Malgar can glitch through the floor and become unreachable

PC: Skeleton near Aster's Strongbox shows as searchable, but can't be interacted with.