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Niahm Kent, scion of the Rathir Kents, master of fortunes vast and ill-spent. I am not one to tout my lineage so please, suppress your curiosity and ask no more of it.


Niahm Kent is a Dokkalfar that holds the rank of Oathblade within the Warsworn. He has been tasked by the Castellan of Helmgard Keep, Grian Shane, to clear Tala-Rane of the many creatures that pose a threat to travelers and citizens. His tasks are in part his duty and also a punishment for, amongst other things, his inability to quell his thirst for alcohol.


He can be found at a camp along the main road in the center of Tala-Rane.



Hm. Another soul who traverses these forsaken crags. I presume that, unlike me, you are here by choice.

upon your first encounter.

Ah. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Niahm Kent, of the Rathir Kents, an Oathblade of the honored and venerable Warsworn Order. I have been tasked with eradicating the beasts that lurk within Tala-Rane. All of them. By myself. A feat that may only take a few decades. I shall be honest with you: I am not one for field work, and my wealth is substantial. If you feel up to the task, I will pay you to kill these beasts for me.

when asked: What are you doing out here?

Excellent. Finish things quickly, and we shall be up to our elbows in tankards before Winter-feast. Among these ruins are several kobolds making a nuisance of themselves, and it is best to remove them. Rotclaw is a warrior, Blackshriek is among the deadly Nightblade, and King Fang - he is the closest thing the kobolds have to a leader.

upon your response: I'll do it.

For the fortune I shall pay you, if not the glory you shall earn. Fear not: You shall find them lurking somewhere around these ruins.

when asked: Why must I kill these kobolds?

My family was once very important in Tala-Rane. One of my ancestors even served as a commander of the Aster army. However, that was long ago. Now very few of us remain. Myself, for one, and my sister, Nameria, who is usually not far... She prefers to keep an eye on me.

when asked about his family.

The command of Helmgard has tasked me with eradicating the monsters from Tala-Rane. Rather beneath my station, if you were to ask me, though Helmgard feels this work is... shall we say... compensation... for past deeds.

when asked about his task.

I am of the Warsworn, bound to my service by oath. I serve the command at Helmgard. It is Helmgard who... shall we say... re-assigned me to Tala-Rane to rid the lands of the creatures that infest them.

when asked about the Oathblades.

I do not care too much for this place myself; but then again, I did not come here by choice.

when asked about Tala-Rane.

Well, perhaps we shall speak later.
Good riddance to the kobolds. Now on to more fierce fare. Many a beast still need to be slain, and there is on such a beast, a crudok, that awaits you outside of Corgan Hold.

upon your return from killing the kobolds.

I have given him the name "Smiler", not that he has the intellect to understand what it means. Smiler lurks near the entrance to Corgan Hold. Killing him will take a bit of ferreting. And be careful - He knows these ruins well.

when asked: Where can I find this crudok?

Ah, Smiler has fallen. I would raise a glass to the creature’s demise, but raising one too many glasses is one reason I was... re-assigned here to Tala-Rane. Well, you have done your share by ridding the world of him, but there are still beasts that need to be slain. And this particular beast, Kolmir, will not be as easy to kill as the others.

upon your return from killing “Smiler”.

Kolmir is an ettin, a war-priest who has made camp in Tala-Rane. The ettin are not very intelligent creatures, but they compensate this with their strength.

when asked: Who is Kolmir?

You have slain Smiler and Kolmir, both formidable enemies, to be certain, yet mindless things, easily outwitted. The real challenges are these Jottun.

upon your return from killing Kolmir.

There is a Jottun, a chieftain, not far from here. Malgar is his name. Tala-Rane must be rid of him. Be cautious – they may appear brutish, but the Jottun are much more intelligent than the other creatures you may have seen in Tala-Rane.

when asked: What else has to be done?

Excellent. With Malgar out of the way, all that is left to remove from Tala-Rane are the dregs. That should only take a few... years. Hrm. Well, so be it. Take the money you have earned.

upon your return from killing Malgar.