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The Niskaru are hideous creatures of chaos and corruption.... Thankfully, they've mostly been driven back from the Faelands, but you still find a few lurking deep underground.


Lesser Niskaru: Niskaru Lords:


Niskaru are ancient demonic creatures of chaos and destruction. They were enemies of the Erathi before the fabled beings of order left the world of Amalur, and several stories account that if not for the Erathi's actions of combating and imprisoning greater Niskaru, the mortal races would have been devastated by the monsters. More recently, they have been driven out of Amalur by the ancient order of the Warsworn, but can still be found in the darkest places in the land, favoring skulking within the ruins of their ancient Erathi enemies.

Ever since the Crystal War began Niskaru have been crossing over into the physical realm more and more often. In a blind desire for power, and fuelled by the energies of prismere, Gadflow and his Tuatha Priests started summoning Niskaru to use as part of their army. Eventually the Tuatha managed to summon and make a pact with one of the great Niskaru Lords, the Balor, and used his power to devastate the Alfar Military forces and drive them back to Mel Senshir for a siege that would last years.

Lesser Niskaru[]

Niskaru Bloodhunter[]

Main article: Niskaru Bloodhunter

Niskaru Bloodhunters are the weakest of the Niskaru in health but the strongest in terms of attack strength.

They can be found during the Warsworn storyline and can be seen across the main storyline.

According to in-game information, Niskaru Bloodhunters enter a rage when they smell fresh blood and are immune to Bleeding Damage themselves.

Niskaru Hunter[]

Main article: Niskaru Hunter

Another variant of the Niskaru demons, they have no resistances or weaknesses.


Tyrants and Horrinox resist Physical and Piercing, are immune to Fire, and weak to Ice. Sometimes Horrinox have reversed elemental affinities (weak to Fire, immune to Ice)