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Every season, one is chosen to attend the Font's magical flow, to act as an ambassador. I am the only Fae who has held the position more than once. I feel the strengths of the currents. They wash through me. They rise up and overflow. However, their power weakens. Their cool waters recede.


Nomeron is a fae member of the Summer Court that can be found in the Trellis within the Gardens of Ysa.



Nomeron can always be found in The Trellis on the bridge.



You feel it, don't you? Anyone intimate with the ways of magic can detect the waning current. You are like me, your grace. You see the end. Is this how it happened at the House of Ballads? Did Hallam foresee this slow decay? I had a feeling he did.

upon your first meeting.

Of the Gardens of Ysa, Of the Summer Court. Why, this Crystal War may be the end of all Fae. I know because I am Nomeron, Master of the Font, the wellspring of all Summer Court magic. I have seen it flow as its highest, but I've never seen it so dry. Something must be done before all of this city withers into nothingness.

when asked: The end of what?

The Font is the source of all Summer Court magic. It has bowed through this mountainside since our kind sprang up from the dirt. That flow has waned in recent days. It is unnatural, even as the magic of the world grows, the Fae, it seems, will wither.

when asked about The Font.

The Font's flow is controlled from the Lyceum Grove down below. We must open the root system and allow more water through. However, the magic that regulates this flow can only be used by some. It is protected by a ward known as the Water Lock. It can only be opened by one who carries drops from each of the five Sacred Pools surrounding Ysa Collect these drops and you can break the Water Lock.

if chosen the response: I'll help you.

As it is in every season, this family of the Summer Fae has communed at the feet of its greatest leader, the High King Titarion. The western Faelands are our domain.

when asked about the Court of Summer.

While wise and powerful, he is also brash and narrow, a silver of light in a world so dark that most of us are blind. His inaction is no match for mortal ambition.

when asked about High King Titarion.

It has been located here for many of your generations, what we call seasons. Only in recent times has it been shaped to resemble one of your mortal cities. The Summer Court resides on the highest terrace, far above the rest of us, as it should be.

when asked about the Gardens of Ysa.

The Sacred Pools are the collection points for the Font's yield. Together, they cradle the Gardens of Ysa, keep it safe, powerful, and hidden. You will find two of the Pools below in the gardens themselves, one near the Ballads Sanctuary and one in the Court of Summer itself.

when asked about the Sacred Pools.

It is the source of Summer Court magic and touches our realm of origin, the land of Esharra. Without its constant flow, our kind would dry up like leaves and vanish.

when asked about The Font.

Most mortals know nothing of what lies beyond the Veil: the magical realm of Esharra. It is a mystery even to us, as we departed its shore many seasons ago.

when asked about Esharra.

May your gods protect you, mortal.
You've done well, child of the dust. Those below will never know what is really happening. But in the end, is this a part of the many seasons, or the sudden tempest. Does hiding the rot not spoil the harvest? No. Take this. You are brave. Perhaps we will meet again.

upon ending 'One Drop'.

Most mortals would rather watch our kind fall than come to our aid. That is what makes you different. Do not think I have overlooked it.
Goodbye, my friend.