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This official document was written by employees of Motus Mining Interests, a gnome concern.


To Britt Hagni

It has come to our attention that a number of funds have been appropriated in your name from various trade houses in the city of Rathir from the accounts of a merchant named Azo Raemund. Raemund has not been seen in Rathir for some time, and his payments for his properties and stock have not been submitted over the last few weeks. As his last known contact, we humbly request that, should you have contact with Raemund, you notify him of his outstanding debts to us. He must rectify them immediately or forfeit both his Rathir properties and stock.

We thank you for your compliance in this matter.

Rathir Customs House


  • This letter provides some background for Azo Raemund and Britt Hagni.