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I was born in the city of Rathir, an orphan of The Wending. One day, I stumbled upon the Scholia Arcana library, and I found a new life in the ancient books.


Odwald Bynothas is an Almain scribe settled in the village of Emaire. He was born and raised in the city of Rathir.


Odwald can always be located at the Blue Bear Tavern in the village of Emaire, within the Cradle of Summer.



Isn't it a glorious day? As if Helius himself warms us with a smile. To what do I owe this courtesy? I only have a few moments to spare. The Godstorm awaits my return. And it doesn't like to wait.

upon your first encounter.

Why, the Godstorm is the greatest event that our fragile world has ever witnessed. It was a battle... a conflict between Fae, they call it the Withering War. That's why I relocated to Emaire, to complete my book, the definitive work on the subject. The village is nice enough, quiet, although the new arrivals give me no peace. Sadly, I lack the last few resources needed to tell the full story. The works of the famous scribes, Aewald, Dulsten, Kallas, and Wildfrold... gone. I was so close.

when asked: What is the Godstorm?

They are lost to the ages, I'm afraid. Minds such as Aewald and Kallas are rare. I would suspect that their works have been spread across the Plains.

when asked: Where can I find the documents?

It is not in the Fae's nature to fight. The Summer and Winter Courts have existed in harmony since the beginning of time. Leave it to us mortals to ruin a good thing. Five hundred years ago, the Summer king Ysa, and the Winter lord Ohn, broke from that pattern and fought a battle, here, on this very plain. The land carries the scars.

when asked about the Godstorm.

My advice to them would be to gain some perspective. Villages grow and burn. There is only one event that is worth our attention, and that is the Godstorm. Of course. I don't typically prefer the company of others. Take the leader of these refugees, for example: Master Elrod Edman. Gruff, coarse, not a pleasantry in sight.

when asked about the Refugees.

It is a good place to find the peace I need to complete my work, although the refugees have certainly slowed progress. I am not one for a cacophony of any kind. I don't know how the Fae in the Cradle of Summer can stand having us so near. Our mortal din is far too distracting, even for me.

when asked about Emaire.

I have never laid my gaze upon it. Such a thing would not be proper. I am a dustling, a child of death. The Cradle of Summer must not be sullied by my taint.

when asked about the Cradle of Summer.

Ethene's wisdom be yours.