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The side quest takes place in the The Gardens of Ysa where a court squire, Squire Brio, is having troubles getting four dignitaries in the right order before seeing the High King Titarion.


You first encounter Squire Brio just after the first bridge on the path to Lyceum Grove within the Gardens of Ysa. He is rather flustered and asks for your assistance in questioning the dignitaries. Additional dialogue is available if you finished the House of Ballads Questline. The first 3 NPCs you talk to have an extra persuasion option, the fourth will not. You can talk to the NPCs in any order.

Being head strong and offensive, she states that she should rightfully take her place ahead of the procession, especially her rival, Lady Whenery. Through persuasion, she can also tell you that she would like the Viscount to not be behind her, due to him leering at her in the past.
She, like her rival wishes to be in the front but knows that another individual would want to take that position. So she requests not be put behind Lord Gorrenet due to his unpleasant odour.
Upon choosing the dialogue option for the ordering of the dignitaries he says he does not care for such frivolous matters but concedes in saying he would like to be put behind Lady Whenery as he enjoys watching her walk. There is a persuasion option but requires a high skill to be successful. If persuaded, he'll warn you to keep Hartwen and Gorrenet far away from each other.
Due to his seniority he believes he should be at the front but due to his lame leg he cannot. He requests to bring up the rear stating that he would crawl to see the high king if he had to. If persuaded, he says The Great Huntress Hartwen should go first.

Returning to Squire Brio you need to inform him of the correct order to put the dignitaries in:

  1. Great Huntress Hartwen
  2. Warlord Whenery
  3. Viscount Setter the Allseer
  4. Grand Faemage Gorrenet

Upon asking if this is correct you get a reward for your hard work (XP and Gold, both level-dependent).


  • For three of the four dignitary besides the last individual that you have to speak to, there is an additional persuasion option. A high skill is needed in order for you to be successful.
  • Additional dialogue, although not essential, is available if the House of Ballads questline has been completed.
  • You can visit the dignitaries in any order.
  • You fail the quest if you give the wrong order. Therefore is it recommended to save beforehand when giving the squire the final order.