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Travel to the city of Ysa, outside the city you will meet Sola, and when you say that you want to enter Ysa, you will be told that you first need to visit Nyralim. Follow the instructions from the third paragraph below on how to get to Nyralim and what to do after that.

Leave the area and loot the chest on the left before jumping down. Slay the two Ettin Brutes and open another chest to before leaving this section. Make your way up north past Gorguath and into the House of Ballads, you should pass by an Odarath along the road as well as a locked Chest. Enter the House of Accolades and speak to Alyn Shir. Give the Codex to Glianal who dismisses the Codex and calls it a fake. Alyn wants you to seek out the King, but it's quite a journey. Prepare yourself for the trek and get moving to the southeast.

Past Canneroc you can continue east and fight off the Murghan across a bridge where a locked [CHEST] resides. Go past the library and over another bridge where more Murghan lurk. You can spot Declan Malus just off the path to start the quest A Brutal Contract. Try to avoid the Mountain Trolls at this time and continue up past Grim Onwig will start the quest The Guided Hands. Move east until you reach Vorm Lodge. This is usually a good place to make a pit stop before heading south to your goal; you can start the side quests Aggressive Brownies and Dangers of the Sidhe.

Leave the inn and head south, slaying the enemies in the way until you reach Caer Nyralim. Follow the path all the way to the top and speak with Nyralim. With some words of wisdom and guidance, you are sent to defeat the Troll Matriarch Gnarsh. The fastest way there is to warp to the Ballads Library and head south. Kill the Rock Troll guarding the entrance then enter Haxhi Dam. Here you meet up with Alyn Shir once again (or Sola, if you haven't advanced the main quest to Dellach yet, but still trying to enter Ysa) and she will assist you throughout this dungeon.

To the north another Rock Troll attacks. You should have these down pat by now so quickly dispatch and continue north. The Tuatha seem to have made it here as well, so kill them and move around the bend. South of here is a group of Tuatha Raiders just sitting around. You can sneak up on them with Alyn/Sola or just charge in full force. Move east across the bridge where a Rock Troll and two more Tuatha Raiders are working. Kill them and continue east where four Tuatha have their backs turned to you. As you begin to fight them a Rock Troll will burst through the wall so be on guard.

Prismere trolls

The Thuatha infusing a Rock Troll with Prismere

Further along are more Tuatha Raiders and another Rock Troll. You can craft gems at the Sagecraft Altar and loot the two chests in the northern alcove. Continue east where you can find three chests in a small alcove to the south. Head up the stairs to find the Troll Matriarch, Gnarsh.


Gnarsh has significantly more health than a normal Rock Troll but she functions all the same. The key difference is that her lunge is faster and follows up her overhead smash with a side swipe so you can't roll to one side and just start cutting into her. Roll back and counter with a Storm Bolt which has a chance to stun the Troll. This should allow for some combos to whittle down her massive health.

Speak with Alyn Shir/Sola after you've slain the beast. Fast Travel back to Nyralim and report the good news. Pass the Persuasion Check and you can obtain Nyralim's Grace. With more words of wisdom, head to Sidhe and slay the Sprites that appear along the road. As you move through the water you can find a Stone of Sidhe. Cross the bridges and enter The Gardens of Ysa to meet Chancellor Erawn who completes this quest.


  • Neither obtaining the Codex of Destiny from Into the Light nor meeting Alyn Shir at the House of Ballads is a prerequisite to gaining entrance to Caer Nyralim and/or proceeding this quest. Caer Nyralim is unlocked as a discoverable location upon completing Out of the Darkness.