Oleander Sinclair
Basic Info
Race Almain
Gender Male
Class Alchemist
Location Yolvan

Oleander Sinclair is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Let's just say before I became Oleander Sinclair, I was less a traveling alchemist and more of a... robber of traveling alchemists. And other people.

Detailed OverviewEdit

When the Fateless One meets "Sinclair" he recently drank a Minor Alchemist's Art, which he got from the original Oleander Sinclair after he apparently accidentally killed him. Now he is able to make a living for himself as a potion vendor but the effects of the potion are starting to disappear and he desperately needs to get more. He requests the player to help him acquire another potion that will enable him to remain skilled in alchemy. He suggested that the nearby Shieldring Keep is highly likely to have one such bottle.

The real "Oleander Sinclair" ('s body) can be found at Ironhold Passage, dead, carrying the book "On Alchemy".

Related QuestsEdit


Not sure if I'll ever quite remember who I am, where I'm from. Probably for the best. Didn't like that fellow. Me.
when asked about his past
Beautiful woman, ravishing.... In fact, I made clear my intentions to woo her. She made clear her intentions to break my nose.
when asked about Penri Kell


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