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Lady Oleyn[]

Of all the songs in halls of lore
There echoes none more grand
Than Oleyn's many feats of might;
The pure, and Lady of the Light.

She is a Knight of Golden Knot.
She is the Cureseeker
The conscience of the Summer Fae,
She is the heart of spring -- of day.

Mortal Beginnings[]

She bested Sreng in combat fair,
Fenian cycles kept.
The exploits of this maiden's role:
A burdensome and heavy toll.

She lived among the mortal clans
And bargained with their kind,
Throughout the town they stood in fear
Of the brilliant fighter near.


She sought to bring the light of truth,
To save a village plagued;
To find a cure for them: her quest,
The Maid of Windemere: her test.

She faced the evil Maid, enraged.
She trembled with her wrath.
"Undo your evil magic now
Or I will end this tale, I vow."


The Maid, convinced of Oleyn's threat,
Agreed to free the town.
The people offered thanks and praise,
And quietly, she went her ways.

Once the ill were brought to health,
And the villain had fallen by,
Good Oleyn returned to mortal ground,
And gifted them with magic found.

The Humble Hero[]

Oleyn will not tell you this;
She disapproves of pride.
She does embody nature's tooth:
A sharp and silent, simple truth.

And yet Oleyn will always shine
Among the Ballads' lore.
For humble though her carriage be,
A greater knight we'll never see.

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