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"I've been master-at-arms for both Kandrian and Helmguard Keeps, training sell-swords and lords alike. You may even know my brother, Jakin. He's the arena master at the House of Valor."


Ollie Madsen appears on the island shortly before construction begins on the Armory of Gravehal Keep. Before he's hired on, he will mention that he came from a large family and had many brothers whom he fought with constantly, and that the peaceful life he's enjoying at the village of castaways is making him bored out of his mind.

Ollie is willing to train the Fateless One, as his new liege, by pitting them against various types of monsters and timing how long it takes to kill the beasts. Based on how quickly it's done, he will dispense rewards.



  • Like Cillian's Beast Training quest, Combat Training is more of a constantly available Task, and can't be truly completed.