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I am no one. Everything that defined me - my livelihood, my family, my home - all of them were left ash by the Tuatha. Lyra is my life now.


Ommer Vogard is a Varani refugee that can be found at the Refugee Camp within the Forsaken Plain. He asks the Fateless One for help, since her lover Lyra Turrelm and several refugees have been missing for some time.



I saw you coming. Hoped you would visit. I'm just about mad with worry, what with the Freemen roaming the hills and caverns. Tell me child, have you noticed a young woman about? She is quite fair, with red hair, a tattoo like mine across her cheek. It's been three days...

upon your first encounter with him.

My newfound love, and the only person I have. Everyone - my wife, my son, my grandchildren - all of them were killed in the attacks. Nothing remains but Lyra. She and several of her friends went in search of a better place to make our camp. This wretched sun takes its toll, doesn't it? But they never returned, and I worry. Would you do an old man this one kindness? Would you help me find her?

when asked: Who is she?

Thank you, I am not rich, not anymore, but what I have left to give is yours. It means nothing without my love. Lyra went in search of refuge in Orieator's Tomb, a better place than this desolate cliff. I would try the cemetery on the hill, where they buried all the old war heroes.

if chosen the response: I'll find Lyra.

She resisted my advances at first, tried to use our differences in age to deny the connection. But in the end, fate played its beautiful hand. We began as friends. I was the hunter and she was my apprentice, but her skills quickly surpassed my own. She is a gifted woman, a true wonder.

when asked about Lyra Turrelm.

A fitting memorial for a great man. He saved our people from complete destruction. If I had the strength, I would climb that hill and pay my respects.

when asked about Orieator's Tomb.

None of us wished to be without a roof over our heads, begging for our meals from any man or woman who passes us by. It was not what any of us planned. It was... fate.

when asked about the Refugees.

Their campfires burn all through the night and cast unsettling shadows. They are the worst kind of bandits, those who don't kill for excess, but for necessity.

when asked about the Freemen.

She and her friends were crawling all over the hill near Orieator's Tomb. Not exactly a way to show respect, but she meant well.

when asked: Where did you last see Lyra?

Goodbye and good luck.

Upon your return with Lyra and the rest of the refugees:

Ha. I knew I could count on you to bring her back. I could see it in your eyes, a spark of recognition. You have a love too, or did at one point. You know. There is no thanks worthy of this deed, but you are entitled to something. I was a hunter once, those days are finished. Yours, it seems, are just beginning.