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On the Medicinal Properties of Embereyes by Alanter Renalus.

1. Abstract

The essence of Eludus Senelos, known as Embereyes, is clearly of the Earth sphere. The plant is most commonly found among the ferns and tall grasses of Allestar Glade, although it can grow in caves or at the base of trees. A typical specimen will be of waist height and is brighter in color than the closely related Sweetrose. Of Embereyes, it can be surveyed that many do not react to the mixture of Frost elements that can often reduce herbs of this nature to a more potable constitution. In order to extract the essence of Embereyes, the plant must first be mashed into a thick pulp. Extracting the nature of said herb is a matter of combination with other similarly potent varieties of flora. These methods are carefully detailed in the works of Oleander Sinclair, Alchemist, as well as Scholars Nanne Hanri and Aura Hanri.

What, however, is the remedial property with which this herb can affect such a beneficial change to its imbibers? As I have previously suggested, the elemental nature of the family of plants found natively in the region of Allestar Glade and Odarath does not predict the quality of confluence with other bodies of the same elemental sphere. Similarly, method does not control the consistency of the essence. This is both useful and dangerous, as new formulae for its employment must carefully consider the outcome of negatively corresponding components. In such cases, it may just as likely produce a debilitating poison as a helpful tonic.

What derivatives of this herb, then, can be attributed to the elemental nature? Earth, being the most constant and dependable of elemental spheres cannot be the primary cause of this instability. In the following paper, I will argue that there is something more fundamental to the nature of Embereyes that determines its alchemical potential. Ultimately, I will propose a new theory for the medicinal properties of Embereyes, namely, that another agent is determining the volatility of resultant mixtures.