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A tome detailing some of the beasts of Amalur that wield magic.



Perhaps one of the strangest mysteries of magic is how it has proliferated not only amongst sentient races, but amongst the creatures and beasts of Amalur. Indeed, it is the presence of these creatures that makes the shifting climate of magic most noticeable. Listed below are some of the beasts that utilize magic (Note: this catalog regards monsters that appear to actively use magic. While it is generally assumed that creatures such as boggarts rely on magic to exist, they are not commented on in this discussion).


The bipedal predator that stalks the plains and caverns of this world, the barghest seems capable of providing for itself on the merit of its claws and fangs alone. However, any that have left the barghest's bite and lived will tell you of the cold, numbing magic that almost festers in the wound. Much like a serpent brings to bear poison in its fangs, so too do barghests strike with frost magic in their maws. It is a beneficial magic, to be sure - doubtless meant to slow their prey down - but one would never know it by looking at the fur of the beast. There are even rumors of a rarer, but more powerful variant known as an arcane barghest. What abilities these beast might have I do not know.


The ettin, while generally regarded as the more savage of the giant races in Amalur, seem to have developed an affinity of storm magic. Their shamans and war-priests use it quite effectively in combat, and they have even mastered the art of channeling the magic through a totemic staff (usually a hammer or axe=. This gives them stronger and more focused magical burst than uncontrolled magic, as with the barghest.


While most creatures of Amalur have chosen to master only one form of magic, sprites elected to master three. These "champions," as they are known, are capable of striking with flame, frost, or stone magic. But what is perhaps more interesting is that regular sprites are able to suddenly draw upon the elements when in the presence of sprite champion. This manner of sudden acuity make me wonder if, perhaps, all sprites are capable of such magics but require a focus - similar to the Ettins - in order to properly access it.

There are, of course, other creatures, such as Niskaru and Jottun, who are rumored to have very powerful magics indeed. But such is their capacity to administer harm that it has been difficult to obtain information regarding them. I am leading an endeavor, however, to study their behavior. I only hope I survive long enough to chronicle it.