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Malthon, a Fae from the House of Sorrows, has asked me to kill a leanashe, Meathgra, who has been corrupted by Tuatha. In order to drive her back to her den, I'll need to remove her food supply -- by cremating the bodies of the Alfar that she feasts on.


  • Talk to Malthon in the east side of the House of Sorrows.  He will tell you that an ancient Leanashe is running wild on The Midden, and that you need to force her to return to her den and then kill her.
  • There are 4 corpses that need to be cremated, all near the entrance to the House of Sorrows, and all marked on the map.
  • Once all 4 have been cremated, the Fateless One should enter Meathgra's Den.
  • Meathgra is surrounded by several Pestilent Brownies and Barghests, who do well to screen her from attacks.
  • Once she is dead, Malthon can be found outside the entrance to the Den, and the quest will end after speaking to him (level-based XP ~2850 at level 37 and an Epic Gem (sometimes the very rare Paramount Gem), but no Gold).


  • This quest cannot be started if the House of Sorrows questline has been completed