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The fateweaver known as Maura Chalin resides deep in the ruins of Weconai. She has promised to alter Ordo's fortune if he helps her escape. We must find Maura.


The quest is part of a group of quests revolving around the survivors of Ashmoor and Eventide. The others are: Bareth, Esha, and Gask. Dialogue options relating to the other quests can be found in conversations with each quest NPC, and further dialogue is available after completing the related quests.


  • To begin the quest, the Fateless One must first free Ordo, who is trapped in a cage in Weconai.  The switch is on a nearby wall.
  • Once Ordo's free, the Fateless One should talk to him to acquire the quest.  Ordo will tell you that he wants help in freeing Maura, so that she can give him a new fate.  Head deeper into the ruin.  The path is linear, and passes through some Cave and Elite Murghan nests.
  • The first Lorestone visible on the map is not available until the very end of this quest path as the lever is on the other side.
  • Eventually, the Fateless One reaches a sealed door, which Ordo will need time to open.  He must be protected from the attacking Murghan while doing so. The number of attackers depends on the difficulty setting :
  • In the final room, the Fateless One finally finds Maura Chalin, a Fae who was imprisoned in the Weconai ruins by the Tuatha commander Gask and his subordinate Cryamor.  She intends to break the curse by draining Ordo's essence, the Fateless One can either permit this or stop her.
    • If Maura is permitted to kill Ordo, the quest ends in failure and Maura will attack the player anyway.
  • Maura Chalin is a strong spellcaster and, the moment the fight starts, some Cave Murghan and a Cave Banshaen spawn in the corridor leading to the final room.
  • Once the fight is over, Ordo thanks the Fateless One and the quest ends (level-based XP ~9900 at level 39 - for the fight and the quest - and Gold ~8040 - when Maura dies).

NOTE: If you sneak into the room that Maura is in and drink a Phasewalk potion, you can pickpocket a gold armor set peice, "Enke's Robe". This note above is only one of the scenario. This piece is not 100% here since I already got the whole armor set before starting this quest.


Ordo is the Latin word for Order


  • Two Stones of Autumn can be found - one about half way along the path, the other behind the chamber where you fight Maura.
  • If you are caught pickpocketing Maura before you talk to her, the quest glitches. Killing her still completes it, but Ordo is stuck following you unless you kill him.
  • You can enter assault mode and skip the dialogue and kill Maura. The quest will still be considered complete. Also, when Maura is attacked with assault mode on, she will say "What did I do?" .