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I've been roaming the world since I was a child. Settling down just isn't my fate.


Oreyn Vilsar is the boyfriend of Marga Sammoc. Along with her, he was companion to Turin Ayle and Jedda Kerning. They were searching for ancient treasures within the ruins of Lorca-Rane in Dalentarth.

They were separated, and then he was captured by Jottun. He ask the Fateless One to free him, recognizing that Marga is a good and beautiful woman, but he is still not ready for settling down to raise a family.


The Antelope


Please! You have to open the cage! The Jottun filled up on that antelope, but I don't like the way the big one was looking at me.
The large one kept biting into the antelope and then grinning at me. I never want to see another Jottun for as long as I live.

when asked about the Jottun.

Jedda went on about all the treasure we could find here. All I've seen are Jottun and trouble.

when asked about Lorca-Rane.

A beautiful girl and great fun to be around. At first. Then she's starts talking marriage and children! I'm not ready for that.

when asked about Marga Sammoc.

Of course not. You believed that too? I just needed an excuse to get away; Marga has gotten a little to attached for my taste. Just my rotten luck that I stumbled into a bunch of Jottun. Can you get me out of here?

when asking about him transforming into an antelope.

Sweet girl, but wants a little more dedication than I'm ready for. I needed to get away. She'd go on about these stories her grandmother used to tell her, about creatures turning people into animals. She believed them, so there was my way out. I didn't reckon on getting captured by Jottun, though.

when asked again about Marga.

But you can't just leave me here! Don't go!

if you refuse in letting him free.

I know, it was wrong fooling Marga like that. Please, I've learned my lesson. Let me out of here will you?

Alright, I think the lad have learned the lesson. Off you go then.

Thanks! I owe you one! Do me a favor; don't tell Marga you saw me. Thanks again!

after releasing him.