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Orwin Dunn is a Dokkalfar rogue who is involved in the quest 'Every Sparrow Fallen'.


He is first met at the front of Abergast Residence, in the Lower City of Rathir.



Sparrows send a hound out to the piers - and of course, now we're right where he wants the both of us, you and I.

upon your first encounter with him.

You think I'd just waltz back into Rathir, like that? No. He lured me here, to take the blame for the murders. That's what he did.

when asked: You and I?

Why, the captain of the Watch. The one what's been snuffing out those Sparrows. He likely sent you here himself. Got you out of the way, so he could go and slaughter the last of them, leisure-like. Clever bastard, he is.

when asked: Right where who wants us?

Read the writing on the wall, mate. And if you weren't such a fool, you'd have left those sorry rag-pickers to die in peace.

when asked: How do you know?

Oh, I'd spit on their sorry graves, for what they done to me. But not enough to show our faces in Rathir. We're not that mad.

when asked: You don't hate the Sparrows?

Oh, ho ho. Now you see, that I cannot allow. Talibor is going to pin the murders on one of us, and it'll be the one who's dead. And that would be you...

upon your response: Then I've got to go back.