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Brother Delf was once a Red Legion member pillaging and robbing innocent people. He realized he was doing wrong so he deserted and joined St. Odwig's Mission in Gorhart Village. In order to be left alone and not be hunted by the legion for deserting he must do the Blood Rite. To do this rite he must obtain his fellow deserters' ceremonial daggers given to them when joining the Legion.


  • Itran the shade
    You are tasked with acquiring the daggers of two former colleagues of Brother Delf.
  • The first one, Ugnar Odgray, can be found behind the Inn at Gorhart. Simply persuade him to hand the dagger over to avoid any confrontation or you can kill him and then loot the dagger.
  • Head out east to the area between Glendara and Haxhi to find Itran the Shade. Itran will be tougher to deal with, but you can also bribe him for his daggers. He will give it to you in exchange for ~ 900 Gold.
  • When you have all three head for Bloodstone Deep in Glendara and deliver the knives to the Red Legion leader: Red Idward.
  • Fight through the Red Legion members and eventually you will meet Red Idward. Upon speaking with Idward he will propose to you a counter-offer - kill Brother Delf for the bandits. There are now two options available to you:
    • Kill Delf - If you decide to kill Delf you can retrieve Delf's Key and loot his chest.
    • Red idward

      Red Idward in the final chamber

      Attack Red Idward - If you refuse Idward's offer, he will immediately proceed to attack you. After killing Idward, return to Brother Delf who will thank you greatly for your help. He will reward you with 460 Gold and Delf's Key which can be used to unlock his personal chest.


  • The Red Legion will still attack you on sight even if you chose to accept Red Idward's proposal.
  • You can loot Delf's chest by pick-pocketing his key and then looting the chest when Delf is not in the Reliquary (usually at night).
  • If you choose to kill Red Idward his corpse will possess the three legion daggers, and you will also receive a Gold reward from Brother Delf.