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Atheof Cergren in Tirin's Rest asks the Fateless One to search for his daughter Anela, who was headed toward the village of Culn. You may try to persuade you to pay you in advance for your help.


  • Talk to Bede Pengaras in the Pengaras Basement of the village of Culn. He will send you to Virki a ruin in the north-east of eastern Kandrian.
  • Anela can be found in Virki, where she is being attacked by several Tuatha.
  • Once you defeat them, Anela asks the Fateless One for help in closing the gates through which the Tuatha invade the Coast.
  • The three levers are marked on the map. Each is guarded by a few Tuatha.
  • Once all three gates are closed, talk to Anela again. She thanks the Fateless One
  • Return to Atheof Cergren for XP & Gold (both level-based) and a Doctor's Medallion (+10% poison resistance, +10% health, +10% health regen/sec)


  • A reference to this quest appears in a conversation with one of the soldiers in the camp outside Rathir.


  • Anela gets stuck in the final doorway of Virki, at the top of the stairs, just before heading into the cave-like area where the three gates' levers await. Her voice can be heard as though beside the player upon nearing the levers, and after pulling the last one, the player is teleported to her location. She doesn't go back to Tirin's Rest, as she claims is her intent, and both her and her father speak to the player as though she is safe and sound at home. (Even the other merchant, her father's partner, says how wonderful it is to have her in the house!)
  • No matter what you do she forever stays in Virki after the quest is over.
  • I was able to get her moving by luring the Tuatha that is on the west hallway of the room that she is in to her location. Once the Tuatha got close to her she started firing her bow and moving around, once they were killed she started following me. When i left Virki via the ladderI made sure that she was as close to me and the ladder as possible when i exited. She was not with me whe i re-entered Erathell but she is already in Tirin's Rest standing next to her father. Once she is at home she has the same dialogue as she had in Virki. (I did this in Kingdoms of Amular: Re-Reckoning)