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  • Grim Onwig sends you to Sun Camp to talk to Argine
  • Argine sends you to the Hierophant shrine
  • The Hierophant tells you to steal the master's pick from Eloren Criet in the Adessa Laboratories
  • Travel to Adessa and then Adessa Laboratories and talk to Eloren Criet who will tell you that she doesn't have the master's pick.  You can persuade (91% @ L7) her to tell you that she had an unopenable jewelry box that was confiscated by the Pratorians and is now in the Adessa Armory.  Or you can pick pocket the ``note of seizure`` from her to find out the same details.
  • Travel to the Adessa Armory, sneak to the back and collect the box.  Attached to it is a note discussing some device that could open the box.  Note that if you stay visible too long or something like that you get the crime "Trespassing"
  • Return to Argine, who will send you to Guian Stebic in Motus Mining Headquarters to use the device on the box.
  • Travel north to the headquarters.  You can talk to Guian, but it's pointless, so just head downstairs and pick the lock on his lab. Alternatively, you can pickpocket Guian for his lab key instead.
  • Fight through the 8 or so Faer Gorta, and then go into the back, avoiding the traps to use the Arrivus Engine.
  • Return back to Argine, who will reward you (XP and Gold, both level-based ~1600 and 8100 at level 34, and with 2 prismere lockpicks).  She will then give you your next task, Classic Misdirection.


Some notable loot found includes:


  • The quest description will assume the "Note of Seizure" was pick-pocketed even if Eloren was persuaded instead.
  • Doing this quest along with Shipping Error will save time.