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Look what the reef brought ashore this time. I am Padrig Dower. My friends call me "Paddy," but I have few of those here in the village.


Padrig (Paddy) Dower is a gnome who washed up on Gallows End a few months before the Fateless One arrives. Ever since, he's been eying Gravehal Keep, hoping that someone will come along and help him clear out whatever haunts the former Dverga keep.

The day before the Fateless One's arrival to the island, he dreamt of the keep back in its former glory. He convinces him/her to come join him in clearing it out, after a briefly going in and finding nothing but Scavs, he came to believe that there was nothing more, until a Niskaru Horrinox arises from the ground.

The Fateless One quickly dispatches, and Paddy decided instead of keeping the keep for himself, he gives it to the Fateless One.

Paddy quickly sets out to rebuild Gravehal Keep back to its former glory, sending the Fateless One out to scavenge for supplies to rebuild the keep. Every time he finishes a part, he invites the appropriate person to do a job at the keep. Most of the people recruited to work in the keep mysteriously appears before the next part of a keep is finished, leading him to actually believe in the existence of Akara and becoming a believer of the god. When the keep is completely finished, he plants a tree in the courtyard to honor Akara.


First met at Cape Solace. Once Gravehal Keep has been taken, he is initially found in the courtyard, but once the keep is finished he will be found inside the main hall of the keep.



Paddy did not follow the practice of Akara, nor did he appear to go out hunting or taking part in fishing, so it's a wonder why Alder Malloi was so lenient in keeping him around.