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  1. Pick up a book in the Livrarium, it is the first chapter in the memoirs of Galenun Hegem, the architect of Adessa.
  2. Travel to the Praetorian Garrison and pick up the second chapter.
  3. Travel to the Adessa Laboratories and head upstairs to pick up the third chapter.
  4. Travel to the Domus Politica and head upstairs to the right for the fourth chapter.
  5. Run across Adessa to get to the Grand Bursars (Fifth)
  6. Into the Arcadium and head in to the right (Sixth)
  7. Down to the Adessa Isles and into the Basilica Gnostra, in a room on the left (Seventh)
  8. Back out to the Forum and up the back stairs (Eighth)
  9. Return to the Livrarium, and head to the far back right to end this quest and pick up your reward (level-based XP ~920 at level 33 and the Persuasion skill book, but no Gold)


Some notable loot found includes:


The containers used in this quest are NOT considered stealing, nor do the tomes gathered count as items in your inventory limit.

Also, the tomes serve no other purpose after this quest is done, so they may be sold.


As all of the books have "another chapter from the memoirs of Galenun Hadem" (Adessa I-II-III-V-VI-VIII) written; the book Adessa IV has "memoris of Galenun Hadem" and Adessa VII has "memoirs of Ganelun Hadem" written in the description

It is possible to find the Skill book in Coilsbain Caverns, this will mark the quest as complete regardless of progress.